Asiatic Stock & Securities LTD

Algorithm and rule based trading


1. XTS Rest API + Python Coding + Quantitative Analysis

2. Symphony XTS EDGE Software

3. Coding Support For Python/DotNet/C++

4. Free Paper UAT Trading

5. Mobility Through VPS

6. Privilege Support

7. Flexible Brokerage Plans



1. Algo trading is the domain of sophisticated traders, who are well aware of risks and returns in this domain.

2. We strictly discourage and warn traders from participating in algo trades without adequate risk taking capacity and knowledge of this domain.

3. We dissacociate ourselves from any individual/ trader/employee/directors/share holders/ of the company who in their individual capacity in the past or in future choose to directly or indirectly encourage /motivate algo trades by promising returns or otherwise

4. All their such actions shall be at their own cost and Asiatic Stock and Securities Ltd, shall not be responsible for these actions and their consequences.

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