Asiatic Stock & Securities LTD

NRI / Foreign Nationals

Experience the Asiatic's NRI Corner. We offer complete range of solutions to NRI investors & foreign nationals in the Indian Stock markets. As a client of Asiatic's, you are entitled to the following privileges
• Registering for PAN Card: Documents to apply for a pan-card if you do not possess one
• Opening Trading Account: You can invest and trade in Equities and Derivatives listed on NSE and BSE. You can also invest in Mutual Funds and IPOs from this account.
• Setting up of Demat Account: All investments in shares are held electronically in your demat account. Physical shares if any can be converted into electronic form and transferred to this account.
• Opening Bank Account: We are associated with HDFC, ICICI and Axis Bank. All your investments in India will be routed through the designated Bank Account.
• Assisted Trading: We offer Assisted Trading through our team of dealers specially designed for NRI customers
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